Monday, April 22, 2019
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Health Risk Assessments/Intervention
This comprehensive work site wellness program can help you decrease medical expenses and worker’s
compensation claims. This program will assist you in proactively managing your employee’s health by using detailed health reports and interventions. The end result is a reduction in sick days, increased morale and
productivity, enhanced company image, and higher employee job satisfaction.

Company Sponsored Wellness Programs
Keeping your employees healthy during flu season or providing extended medical evaluations beyond
insurance coverage, can be a major contributor to productivity. ADAMS creates specific programs for your company and manages all correspondences with medical providers.

Reimbursement Programs
Offering employees the opportunity to help themselves become more health conscious can promote a
healthier work force. Companies can promote their ideals of a healthier employee by allowing them to
purchase exercise equipment or memberships at a local health club and have the company reimburse full
or partial payment. ADAMS will manage the reimbursement process, verification of purchases and assess
fair market value.

Health Awareness Programs
Employees that are aware of potential health hazards and how to better manage them, are more likely to change their lifestyle to better living. Seminars on health awareness issues can assist employees and create awareness within the work environment. ADAMS can provide a number of on-site educational programs to assist your employees and create a healthier work environment.