What We Do

What We Do

The challenge of recruiting and keeping qualified workers is becoming more difficult all over the nation. The last thing American businesses can afford is to have a non-productive, cost-prohibitive workforce.

Our goal in partnering with your company is to reduce absenteeism, on-the-job injuries, workplace theft, policy violations, employee turnover, violence and accidents.

ADAMS OHM will help you design an employee-screening program to meet your company’s specific needs and integrate your company’s policies and philosophies. Programs are created for drug free workplace management, background investigations and pre-hire physicals. We will provide you with up-to-date information and support in an ever-changing regulatory and legal environment.

We provide a centralized system by interfacing your screening protocol needs with our internal information system, coordination with medical providers, and designing your management tools. Whether you have a single location or hundreds – it doesn’t matter – we will administer all the details of your program and deliver timely data.

Single Vendor, Single invoice, for every service

 Let ADAMS OHM manage all the painstaking details and your staff will be free to focus on other important matters. The result is a higher quality program that minimizes time, effort and money – while creating an exceptional workforce.